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CEDA: your ultimate web app for automated testing processes.

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compareVisual Comparison

Easily identify visual regressions caused by code changes or content updates.

feature_searchFunctional testing

Write test cases with Testcafe and CEDA will automatically create screen recordings.

integration_instructionsGit Integration

Effortlessly synchronise your automated tests from your Git repository.

tuneIntuitive Interface

A user-friendly interface that simplifies test creation, configuration, and management.

Compare your website easily and fast

Save time

Save time

When you make changes to a page's content or structure, it's essential to ensure that everything else functions correctly. 

CEDA makes it easy to automatically test all your key pages.

Create a project

Create a project

With just a few clicks, you can create a dedicated workspace. Add all the pages you want to test to your project workspace, either by entering them manually or save time by using our batch import feature.

Run your first test

Run your first test

That's all you need to run your first visual comparison test! CEDA will do the rest for you.

View the results

View the results

After your second run, approve or reject changes based on a visual comparison of the previous and current situation.

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